Is It Free To Search Public Records?

Some of the information you'll come across may be free of charge, such as addresses, phone numbers, etc. However, the more complex and detailed the information gets, the more likely there will be a price tag associated with it. Even then, most online search services do not charge prices that should break the bank.

First, you need to decide what information you are looking for. Then, you can select the appropriate plan based on your requirements and the type of information that you need. Saving a few hours or even days running not having to run around to find the information that you are looking for will be worth the small price tag.

Background check sites sell the convenience of having comprehensive reports of information readily available in one place that are instantantly accessible. If you had to do all that digging yourself, not only would it be time consuming, but you are also unlikely to unconver the abundance of information that a search service provides. The reason is because the most reputable search services have done all of the digging for you, and maintain a large database of millions of pubic records that are pooled from credible sources.

Choosing The Right Background Check Service

With the numerous sites claiming to provide comprehensive background checks it can be difficult to choose the right one. Fortunately, when it comes to selecting the right site, we've done our homework and have determined that ranks the highest overall after examing a number of factors.


It is important to select a site that has a strong reputation in the background check industry. Normally, if a site has been around for a number of years and has many active users that is a strong indicator that it is a solid site that you can trust. You can check how popular a site is by looking at its Alexa traffic rank. Simply go to and type in the name of the site to see it's traffic rank.

Accuracy Of Records

It is critical to choose a site that gathers its public record information from credible, authentic sources. For example, gathering information from a county courthouse rather than a random source on the internet makes a big difference in the authenticity of the source. There are many sources to gather information on, you want to make sure that the site you choose only relies on credible sources that you can trust.

Number Of Records

Many background check sites claim to have millions of records. You want to make sure that is true, and the site will have records on whomever you are searching. Normally, the most popular sites with the best reputation will have the largest database of records. Otherwise, they would not be so popular and be able to maintain their strong reputation.


It is important to choose a service that deliver you results instantly. You want to be able to type in someone's name and to be able to pull the report immediately. If you need to wait days, weeks or even hours for the results, that is not a service that you want to be using.

Are Public Records Serviceses Confidential?

Before deciding on a specific search service to use, it is important to find out if the public record search is confidential. While we can't speak for every site on the market, the most reputable sites, such as TruthFinder provide safe and secure searches and protect your personal information. The public record search is highly confidential on this site.

TruthFinder keeps your connection secure through 128-bit encryption and a verified, approved SSL certificate. Therefore any information submited through their website is completely safe.

Additionally, people will not be notified that a search is being conducted on them. They will have no idea that another person is looking at their information.

Of course, it is common courtesy to be mindful when accesssing anyone's information, even if it is on public record.

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